Rehabilitation and restoration with Family

Shalini D’Rozario (name changed), daughter of Mr. Suneel D’Rozario (name changed), is a resident of east Kolkata, West Bengal. She is approximately 25 years old with a medium build. Shalini lost her mother when she was about 7 years old. Meanwhile, she was admitted to an English medium school and studied up to standard VI. Her father worked in Maharastra province hence she lived with her aunt. Shalini, as stated by her, was ill-treated by her aunt and quite often faced physical violence. Meanwhile, her father remarried and Shalini started living with her parents.

At this juncture of her life, she developed mental illness; was irregular at school and slowly stopped going to school. Early symptoms of her mental illness reflected in her confused appearance and a wandering tendency. Shalini, at the initial stage of her mental illness, was admitted to a rehabilitation center in Kolkata for a short while. And later on, she was shifted to a private mental hospital and stayed there for almost 2 years. Shalini, once back from the rehabilitation centre, reduced mingling with others and became seclude. She, due to her wandering tendency, used to loiter aimlessly in the streets of her locality. Her neighbours most of the time helped her return back home.

One day Shalini left her home without informing anybody. She was found loitering on the streets of Kolkata far away from her home. The Kolkata Police rescued her and got her admitted into Calcutta Pavlov Government Hospital at Gobra, Kolkata – 700046 on 19th September 2013.  She was diagnosed with SCHIZO affective disorder with mild retardation. Shalini was inducted to Paripurnata Halfway Home for psycho-social rehabilitation on 24th December 2015.

Shalini, during her stay at Paripurnata Halfway Home, had undergone a time bound psychosocial rehabilitation program. She responded well to medical treatment and therapies. Shalini improved noticeably well; gained a balanced mental status and actively took part in household activities. Shalini was one of the active participants in cultural programs at Paripurnata Halfway Home.

We, meanwhile, traced Shalini’s house as she was able to provide a bit of her postal address. The Program Coordinator of Paripurnata visited her house and interacted with her parents. The Psychologist also met with the D’Rozario family and observed a high acceptance level among the family members.

The D’Rozario family was always in touch with Paripurnata and visited it on several occasions. Shalini also went home on graded exposure during festivals. Such home visits proved fruitful and as the days progressed Shalini became physically fit; mentally stable and regained a balanced mental status appropriate for reintegration with her parents.

Shalini was finally discharged from Paripurnata Halfway Home on December 23rd, 2016. Her father came to Paripurnata and took her custody. The D’Rozario family members were very to receive Shalini back home and appreciated the role of Paripurnata.

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