When Kishenlal saw her sister Lally (name changed) after a gap of six years, he could hardly believe his eyes. Tears were streaming down Lally’s eyes after seeing her elder brother after so many years.

Lally (37 years), a resident of Sitapur, District Khairabad, in the distant Terrai regions of Uttar Pradesh, was married at an early age, whose husband turned out to be an alcoholic and compulsive wife beater. About 7 years back, Lally could not take the torture anymore and left her husband, a grown up son and two young daughters and went back to her parents. Incidentally, the son is married now and lives separately. His two sisters stay with him. A few months later she went to see her children, lost her way and somehow landed up in Kolkata. She was found loitering by the Police personnel, who admitted her to Calcutta Pavlov Hospital on 3rd May 2010 nearly 4 years after leaving her home.

Lally, who was suffering from Schizophrenia, was brought to Paripurnata on 13th December 2010 to undergo psychosocial rehabilitation. After about two months, she was coherent enough to talk about her home address and family.

Persistent efforts by the staff of Paripurnata since February 2011 with Khairabad Police Station yielded result in June 2011, when one of her brothers contacted Paripurnata and assured that he would visit Kolkata at the earliest. Later another brother contacted Parpurnata and promised in the same manner. Whenever they were contacted, they kept on reassuring that they would come. In the beginning of May 2012 it was informed that her elder brother would come on 26th May, 2012. And on the fateful day Kishenlal did arrive!

He was awestruck to see the change in Lally’s appearance and behaviour, in the last six years. Lally was gushing out to him about the things she had learnt at Paripurnata, In the evening Lally bid a tearful farewell to the staff and other Residents of Paripurnata to start a new phase of her life.



It is difficult to fathom how she landed up in Kolkata. But it is a fact that she was found loitering on the roads at Andul and admitted to Calcutta Pavlov Hospital on 19th May 2010. Mira Ben, daughter of Shri Ramchandra Shankarlal Chauhan, is about 38 years old, married with two children and a resident of Palanpur in Gujarat. She can speak Gujarati and understands Hindi. The language barrier was an obstacle in ascertaining detail history. She was a loner as she could not converse freely with the staff and Residents alike.

She was always anxious about her two children. She thought that she had left her children in the train. She also had the apprehension and fear that another woman is having a relationship with her husband.

She was brought to Paripurnata Half-way-home on 24th February 2011 and her condition improved. Our staff contacted Palanpur Police Station on 15th June 2011. The officer on duty assured us that they will try and contact the family members and keep us informed.

We learnt from police sources that her husband had divorced her. They also provided us the contact numbers of her brother. Her brother assured our psychologist on 14th July 2011 that they will come to take Kalpana home. Her father was also contacted and he also assured us that he would come to Kolkata and take custody of her daughter.

After waiting many months, her father, accompanied by the Director of Vidya Mandir Trust, came to Paripurnata on 29th February 2012 and took custody of their daughter.

In his e-mail dated 7th March 2012, her father wrote, “We all reached Palanpur safely. You have taken very good care of my daughter in your institution. I am very thankful to you. May God bless you all. Regards, Ramchandra Chauhan.”