Programme /

Here are the services we offer

The rehab module at PARIPURNATA



Preliminary selection of patients at mental hospitals.

Stage 1


Interview at paripurnata by the screening committee

Stage 2

Provisional stay

Two months’ provisional stay at paripurnata for willing patients.

Stage 3


Discharge from hospital to PARIPURNATA.

Stage 4


Residential rehabilitation precess at PARIPURNATA.

Stage 5

Post Rehab

Post rehabilitation activities

Final Stage


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Pharmaco Therapy & Psychological Therapy

Regular Medical Check up (including physical check up) and treatment are carried out. Group and individual counselling sessions and psychological exercises are held keeping in mind the specific ailments and needs of the individuals.

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Occupational Therapy

This has been planned to aid the patients to achieve greater motor co-ordination and also towards learning crafts which may equip them with the necessary skills to achieve economic sufficiency. Currently apart from domestic skills, vocational skills like sewing, weaving, food processing are undertaken.

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Cognitive Therapy

Activities like elementary counting and calculations, use of basic linguistic and communication skills --- structured to bring up the nascent intellectual faculties, which are the pre-requisites for our day to day social interactions.

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Social & Cultural Therapy

Designed to awaken the dormant human capacities of imagination and creativity, and also to help to release constructive emotional feelings through music, art, dancing, meditation, yoga etc. To develop the social interaction skills, activities like games, outings, picnics, public performances etc. are organized and visits by families from the communities and friends of Paripurnata are encouraged.

Other activities related to mental health issues

  • Placement / Training
  • Exposure visits of students from academic institutions
  • Training of students from nursing colleges
  • Organizing seminars / talks /workshops on mental health issues
  • Observance of Mental Health Week
  • Networking with peer groups and government agencies

We appeal to all to give generously for the mission of PARIPURNATA. Your kind contribution will enable us meet the rehabilitation cost of mentally ill women belonging to weaker sections of society.