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Our Vision

Paripurnata strives to usher a society where equality, justice and peace prevails, without any discrimination and marginalization on basis of caste, creed, gender, economic status, disease and disability.

Our Mision

Paripurnata envisages championing the cause of the marginalized mentally ill women, and strive for their mainstreaming in society in order to restore their rights and dignity.


  • To provide psychosocial rehabilitation to mentally ill women
  • To provide counselling services to their families and communities
  • To organize awareness programmes in educational institutions and local community, towards sensitizing the populace
  • To provide treatment facility (OPD) for mentally ill from the community
  • Advocacy towards rationalization of existing mental health and disability related acts and policies and implementation thereof
  • To Organize seminars and workshops, to observe Mental Health Week and other related occasions towards propagating sound mental health practices
  • To enhance networking with other peer organizations and appropriate government agencies.



2004 Paul Harrison Award

The 2004 Paul Harrison Award from CMC Vellore conferred upon Dr. Joyce Siromoni, Founder Secretary, Paripurnata.


Lifetime Achievement Award

The World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Indian Chapter) conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award on Dr. Joyce Siromoni in 2005.


LSG Charitable Trust Annual Award

Ladies Study Group Charitable Trust Annual Award, to Paripurnata for “its outstanding contribution towards psychosocial rehabilitation of mentally ill,” in 2007.


CNN-IBN Real Heroes Award

The CNN-IBN Real Heroes Award was awarded to Dr. Joyce Siromoni in 2010.


Oindrilla Jatiyo Sangeet Academy Award

Oindrilla Jatiyo Sangeet Academy Award to Paripurnata for “its dedicated services to the most marginalized sections of our society” in 2012.


State Award for Outstanding Institution

State Award for Outstanding Institution, 2016 conferred by Department of CD, WD & SW, Government of West Bengal